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Fishing Charters St. Petersburg 

With water temperature in the high 60′s fish are chewing in preparation for winter. Seatrout fishing in the shallows of St. Petersburg should be getting better as it gets colder. I like getting into real shallow flats with deeper potholes scattered around. Sometimes getting out of the boat and wading to these potholes is best. On low tide, redfish, trout, sheepshead, and even snook will sit there and wait for the tides to rise. A jig head with a shrimp is hard to beat. Casting to the far edge and keeping the bait on the bottom gets the bite. Work it back to the boat painfully slow pausing to allow it to sit. This is my standard rig thru winter as I fish around docks the same way. If dock fishing try to get the bait as far under the dock as possible. Sometimes switching the jig head for a circle hook if warranted. Keep moving pothole to potholes or dock to dock until you find fish. As it cools, give fish a little more time to bite as they can be more lethargic. 

Capt. Chris