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Fishing Tampa

Fishing Tampa yesterday was great. We saw zero affects of the recent red tide. The snook were very cooperative yesterday and every bait in the water got eaten. I lost count on how many. In the areas we caught our snook we stayed near moving water in each location we stopped and the snook were chewing. We caught 2 limits of mangrove snapper for the table (while snook fishing)and we caught redfish in the mangroves at the end of the day. Fishing for snook and redfish this time of year is very much like bass fishing the shoreline. Except the snook are usually way more willing than the bass. The weather was as hot as it gets and the fishing was great. If interested in beating the mangroves for snook and redfish please feel free to give me a call or email and I’ll put you on em’!

Tight lines!

Capt. Chris