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Tampa Bay area fishing report

Happy new year! This past year yeilded many great days on the water and I look forward to 2005 being even better!! On to the report:

Up until this past weekend we’ve experienced warm 80 degree weather everyday and the luxury of shorts, sandals, and tee-shirts while fishing Tampa Bay. Then the cold front came. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. The warm water temps we had provided steady action on seatrout, sheepshead, blackdrum, and we were starting to see the snook poke their head out of the cold weather haunts for some food. Now, with the cold front, the water temperature will plumet back down and send things back into a winter mode. Slowing down our fishing and giving the fish a little time will provide action throughout the warmest parts of the day. We also fish the power plant outflows for the sharks and large jack crevalle that stay thruought the winter there.

Spring is around the corner. It is in my opinion the best time to be on the water. The variety of gamefish to be caught in one day is countless. We experience many different fish sometimes just fishing in one spot. Live bait is very plentiful and the fish will also readily take artificials. But those who have been on my boat before know my passion to fill my 52 gallon livewell and see what kind of crazy action we can find! It is very hard to find a full time guide with an opening during Spring, please don’t hesitate on booking as soon as possible! Calling is better than email because you’ll speak to me directly and skip the wait. The call is toll free. Wishing you tight lines in 2005 ><>