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Tampa Bay Fishing shallow water report

Fishing has been steady if you can get out between cold fronts. The big seatrout seem to be in holes that are very shallow almost so shallow that a boat will not reach them. Wading can be a very good idea this time of year to reach these areas of concentrated fish in very shallow areas with potholes. We’ve been fishing just outside of these areas also(3ft.)and we’re catching most fish on jigs and shrimp in either area. Some holes have a lot of fish, some are completey void of life. The key has been to keep at it and religously work your areas. Sheepshead are at every bridge structure I’ve hit lately. Barnacles are my goto bait for these fish because I don’t catch the unwanted species that I catch when I use shrimp. There’s no doubt what you’ll hook when using “barnies” for bait. I’ve been scanning all the usual areas for the black drum to show up and so far I’ve not found them but I’m sure they’ll be around any day now. Tampa bay fishing is going to get better and better as we progress towards spring time.

Tight lines!

Capt. Chris