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St. Pete and Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Tampa black drum

Black Drum St. Pete

Today I left St. Pete and went straight to the area where I find my shallow redfish and trout and we had the same results as the day before. The black drum were there again and we fished for and caught 3 of them then took a lunch break enjoying some cuban subs. Then my client Kevin told me he wanted to see me catch one so I jumped at the opportunity to catch a big ole’ drum since I can’t remember the last time I had. Usually I’m on the pushpole or trolling motor putting people on the fish and not catching them myself. I was laughing like a kid as this drum ran me around on 10 lb. test and 20 lb. leader. I leadered the fish and released it unharmed. Kevin took another fish at the end that was the hardest fighting drum I’ve seen on the flats. This fish would not give up. He fought it until both fish and fisherman were spent. Kevin put the St. Croix rod to work and wooped him by putting angles on him to end the fight.

Hopefully the drum will be around the mouth of Tampa Bay for a week or so in our area and we’ll have some more fun fishing them before they move further up the bay.

Tight lines!

Capt. Chris