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Tampa Bay redfish

Tampa Bay redfish

Redfish are the bruisers of the flats. They have unbelievable stamina and the ability to put up a tremendous fight! They inhabit very shallow grass flats that can cause the phenomenon known as “Tailing Reds”. Many times when feeding, Redfish will root in the grass with their head down leaving their tail sticking out of the water. It is an angler’s dream to come across a school of tailing Redfish. Redfish are found in many of the same locations as Snook and Trout.We can also search for giant Redfish a couple miles off the beaches or near the ships channel that runs under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. The average fish caught here while fishing Tampa Bay redfish weighs around 20 to 45 pounds! Many times this is run and gun style fishing because the fish are chasing bait schools and we need to keep up with them to throw lures or bait to them.

Tampa fishing redfish


Wading is also a great opportunity to catch redfish since they spook easily. This is done sometimes in the winter when the water is so low due to the mean low tides that even the shallowest of boats can have a hard time getting to the fish. We can wade up to holes on the flats in calf deep water and pitch baits to a captive audience since they can be trapped until the incoming tide! Live chumming is also implemented using scaled sardines and/or shrimp bits depending on what time of year.

On my Tampa Fishing Charters, St. Pete Fishing Charters, and Clearwater Fishing Charters we target redfish year round.

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