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Tampa snook fishing

Tampa Snook Fishing

Snook are one of the most sought after gamefish in Florida. The Snook is known for its acrobatic leaps and long runs and the ability to make your knees knock while anticipating a strike! Snook habitat ranges from beaches to passes, docks, mangroves, potholes, seawalls, jetties and many more. Most of our snook fishing charters are centered around catching snook in natural setting such as the mangroves and beaches but sometimes we’ll go over to residential docks and throw some baits under the structure to see what’s home. Wading is a really good option while snook fishing and is one of the best ways to obtain quality fish.

snook fishing St. Pete

Snook Fishing St. Pete

The baitfish used are scaled sardines, pinfish, spanish sardines (if I can get em’) and large threadfins. Grunts and pinfish can be used for the really large trophy fish around bridge structures at night! Plugs and jigs can also be used if preferred when there isn’t too much sea grass on the surface. This can result in some really fantastic surface strikes when using topwater plugs. Spring through Fall is an excellent time to try your hand at these exciting gamefish. Capt. Chris is a specialist at live bait chumming for these gamesters for great numbers of fish. Night fishing is always a productive way to catch Snook since they are nocturnal and prowl the shadows of dock lights in search of an easy meal. It is also a good way for anglers to stay out of the heat.

snook fishing Tampa

Tampa Snook Fishing

On my Tampa Fishing Charters, St. Pete Fishing Charters, and Clearwater Fishing Charters the snook fishing is year round but fishing is best for them in the months of late February thru November.

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