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Tampa tarpon fishing

Tampa Bay Tarpon

Tarpon aka the silver king, poons, megalops atlanticus, sabalo, now we’re talking about a serious fish! Tarpon are capable of peeling all the line off a spool in a very short time! Hooking a Tarpon is like casting a plug onto a freeway – hold on! Tarpon are very acrobatic and capable of jumping out of the water 10 feet into the air! And dumping line off a spool on what seems like an endless run. The thrill of watching a tarpon take a bait and then battling this awesome gamefish for 20 minutes to 2 hours can leave memories that last a lifetime. The Tarpon we catch on my Tampa Bay charters vary between 70-175lbs!!!

Tampa Tarpon Fishing

Tampa Tarpon

I target these magnificent fish at bridges and off the beaches and in passes for the largest concentrations of fish. I can also fish tarpon in the residential canals where the fish will generally be between 20-60lbs. The baits of choice are threadfins, pinfish, and crabs and sometimes artifial plugs and soft baits. I use tackle ranging from 40lb for the beaches to 65lb at the bridges.

On my Tampa Fishing Charters, St. Pete Fishing Charters, and Clearwater Fishing Charters I fish tarpon in the months of March thru October. But the months of April, May, and June have the highest percentage of catches.

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